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Saturday, 15 September 2007

DIY FIX Blocked Particulate Filter on Pageout 307 HDI 110BHP.

started with the "Diesel Filter Blocked"

This error actually means "Particulate Filter Blocked"

Misleading as to me the Diesel filter is a Fuel filter, not in this case though.

I jacked the car up to give good access to the Particulate filter,

1. removed Rubber pipes located just forward of the filter.

2. do not remove steal clips the rubber pipes pull off plastic junction held in clip on car.

3. Just follow the rubber pipes until you ket to the point where they are held against the car body.

4. pull pipes out of plastic clips and you will see the plastic union you can pull the rubber pipe off.

5. unscrew the sensor off the side of the filter and unplug wire connector put this in safe place.

6. undo the front clamp and rear clamp off the exhaust and a a little wiggling and the filter comes off.

7. If your filter is like mine (see pics) you can undo the 4 bolts and split the unit to aid cleaning.

8. Also undo feed pipe that joins front and rear section.

9. The unit then splits into 2 sections making it easier to wash out.

What did use? well I did not want to damage the filter so i used fairy liquid, hot water and a hose pipe on jet.

I washed both sections about 3 times until the water started to remain clean.

I found shaking the filer wile hose was in one end affective.

I would NOT recommend any banging of the unit.

I washed the unit out many times to ensure all soap was out of the matrix.

I used and Vax on wet to suck out any excess water, this was due to the properties of the filter matrix held water like a sponge.

don't tell Louise but i also slipped the unit in the oven to dry it out.

Well worked for me.

Fitted the Unit back together with a little "Note little" Gasket joint and fitted it back to the car.

Started the car and left to tick over for 30 mins just to dry out some more.

Result ........

So far error "blocked filter" has now gone away and it even seems to pull a little better.

Time will tell......

Next its The £650 Heater Blower.



Живота said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

I see that you carried this out over a year ago. Is it still ok or have you had to replace it anyway? I have the same warnings just apeared on my 307 110BHP as well. An e-mail or responce would be great prior to me following out your excellent instructions. Many thanks

Zouganelis said...

I've done pretty much the same about 4 months ago, but I had "particle filter regeneration cycle urgent" on the screen, although I know the FAP was regenerated periodically as it should. I've taken the filter out, cleaned it in the exact same way as you described but my message is still there. Apparently it won't go away until the peugeot software at the stealers resets the counter for the particle filter. ANyways, the car runs fine with plenty of power and 55mpg at 50% urban 50% motorway use, which I think is pretty damn good for a 1.5tonne car! Good luck to those diy'ing the filter and don't be scared to do it, it's not rocket science ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would love some advise! I had UNBLOCK DIESEL FILTER coming up on my 307 HDI and after numerous calls to different Pug dealers it was going to be expensive to replace the Diesel Filter. One company (not Peugeot) offered to change just the fluid (which turned out to be run dry) and want to charge £250 all in for parts and labour. Can someone clarify what parts - other than 3L of fluid - would have been involved in this fluid replenishment? Thanks. Pug owner, Scotland

Anonymous said...

The reason the filter is blocking is because their is a tank at the side of the deisel tank this holds 6litres of a substance known as syrum and is injected into the filter periodically to burn off the debris blocking the filter at around 72000 miles this tank is empty and requires refilling usually at dealer at a cost of around £30 per litre 1 liter is good for 12000 miles if not topped up you run risk of particle filter eventually needing replacement at a cost of around £600

Calantha said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

Having the same problem and found your imformation very usefull and helpfull thankyou.
I intend to have a go at mine in the new year and will let you know the outcome.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if you can fit a particle filter sensor yourself or do you need to get a pug dealer to do it I know they need to be reset but does it have to be by dealer?

Anonymous said...

the best choise is to remove this filter and make emulator, and problem will be solved fully.

Anonymous said...

"the best choise is to remove this filter and make emulator, and problem will be solved fully." How can that be done?

Anonymous said...

here you go...

Anonymous said...

I got it confirmed from a Peugeot dealer chief mechanic. These filters can be DIY cleaned. Best choice would be a 150C steam cleaner and a strong detergent.

He did it himself on his Peugeot 607 2.2HDI FAP

Jim Kaye said...

Thank you for your blog !!!
The pictures and comments were spot on, and gave me the confidence to ignor the dealers advice that these could not be cleaned.
Only comment to add.. I could not be gentle ("you do not advise knocking") as I had 1 of the four bolts joining the two parts of the filter together siezed and had to split the nut along its length to remove it by using a hammer & cold chisel.This did seem to shake a lot of soot out before the unit was even fully open,but appeared to do no major damage.
Cleaned much of the surface with a soft (brass) wire brush. Washed out using engine de-greaser then hose on jet. Hardest part was getting the water out afterwards. Best result from blowing alternate ends with back end of vacuum cleaner.
Overall result was fantastic increase in power although warning light still comes and goes. Some more work to go, but saved £680
Note* the dealer says £680 is for a service exchange not new filter??

mps3 said...

You should be aware that a particulate filter is full of toxins and should not be handled without gloves and most certainly should not be placed inside a domestic oven for health and safety reasons..

Anonymous said...

Also works on an 807 although not all of the filter comes off as the front part is one-piece with the down pipe from the manifold and only one sensor pipe needs to be disconnected. The dealers strenuously deny the 807 even has this message! Thanks for the info, great job. Harv

Anonymous said...

i have just done my own fap on my 52 plate 307sw. mine was a one piece unit, and simply back washed it with a pressure washer at my works wash bay. refitted it and then got my friend to reset all fault codes and force a regen (apperently better to do this to tell computer its clean as it can't reset anti pollution fault itself). car now pulls like a trooper and is revving freer and more mpg 45 round town, whereas i used to get 35, hope this helps and gives someone else the confidence to diy it.

Anonymous said...

Backwashed with pressure washer? Do you mean you blasted water straight through the cat/fap? mine is a 1 piece setup and thought that by doing this it would damage the cat and throw up fault codes etc?
Many thanx JP.

Anonymous said...


Timetravel said...


yes you are correc the two pipes do carry the eylos fluid.

Was there any resedue in the pipes?

No none at all on my car not in either pipe.

I am not convinced to this day the fluid is actually working mabe this is why i have to unblock the particulate filter every 3 yeats

I dont know.

Let me know if you have any resedule fluid in yours.

Remove the pipes carfully as the fluid is not nice as you say.

Hope it goes ok for you

If fluid does come out you can bag the ends of the pipe indevidual and use elastic band if the flow becomes excesive.

I dont think it will through to be honest.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

cheers just done this and it works---all dealers/garages are up to these rip-off tricks now--screw them.
cost me £3 for new bolts on my 807 filter cos my fluid level was right up but filter was dirty-you .you can blow some of the soot out first with a compressor or a big straw and a really powerful set of lungs. you may need to drive a few times to regenerate system but if it still wont reset I was quoted £40 by an auto-electrician

Anonymous said...

the two pipes connected to the filter are for the pressure sensor only and do not carry any fluid this is injected in to the main diesel tank Mike

Anonymous said...

Unprejudiced making my oldest mail at, which seems to be a wonderful forum!

air cleaner filter said...

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pete said...

does this work can any one tell me

john said...

tell you if works soon -my filter jam packet of soot been all morning blowing soot out with compresssor- and just noting two pipes in to filter no fluid in mine either not convinced the additive system works

john said...

pete i will let you know later if it works -im giving it a go as im posting this compressor was on the go blowing soot everywhere had about inch a soot clogging up filter ( 1 piece filter washed it out and put compressed air back through to dry it out- as for the two pipes in the filter mines were empty so im not convinced that the diesel additive system works

Timetravel said...

Hi Everyone how are you all keeping.

Just to let you know i have just passed the car onto my daughter and it is still working fine, i have cleaned out the particulate filter twice now.

Does it work 100% Yes.

How long to remove clean and replace.

4/5 Hours on your own with a trolley Jack on your drive.

Last time i cleaned it i took the unit up the local garage and used the jet wash it was by far quicker

The car is still working fine with the remap, only fault i have on it is the fuel filler cap intermittent open circuit.

This year i also added 1 litre of the fuel additive fluid and reset the ecu counter as it was empty.

All in all a great car for the money but the ECU software is a must for Peugeot cars especially the older ones.

Now progressed into a much nicer car with a little more woosh ! lol

Best Regards


Anonymous said...

I did this for my 607 2.0hdi 103k and it worked a treat however the emissions light is still onand may need computer. I found that there were quite large lumps of carbon that fused together and would never have burnt down with the dpf additives that you can add to fuel. So I'd recommend doing this clean out than waste your money on these which are £15-20 per treatment.

First note is to remove the rubber pipes at the front of the filter and not the junction box in engime bay as it is very difficult to put back together. Your fingers or pliers can losen the clips and the pipes slip off very easily. Remember to mark one to put them on the right pipe again

Secondly when power hosing the smaller section to the inlet side, it distorted the filter in sections so don't go too hard with this Otherwise you will have to replace the filter!

The exhauat clamps were corroded and broke so I'd recommend buying two of these before you start the job as it will make the refitting a whole lot easier and you'll struggle less.these were £11.00 for the two. The rear clamp pulls everything together. So clamp the frot section and do the rear while pushing the filter right up into the cavity to form a tight seal.

The nuts holding the filters together were also corroded so you might need to have some on standby and possibly buy a gasgett for this while you're getting the clamps!

Thanks to to initial poster! Adrian

Anonymous said...

I av a citroen c8 which is the same as a 807 I got particule filter regeneration cycle urgent then engine light comes on and a massive drip in power I av had computer plugged in and comes up with p1447 particule filter blocked and p1448 partice filter overloaded had additive toppped up had a regeneration forced on it twice and is ok for 10 mile then shits it self again this car is testing my nerves now feel like setting it a fire gonna take of the fap clean it and put it back on coz heard of good reports on here so I will kEep ya posted but if anyone has had this and suggests anything else would be verry gratefull coz love the car but losing faith .I travel to scotland from newcastle on a regular basis normally and need it to be reliable only been once and that message showed up so don't fancy going again yet sorry this car is a 2.2 hdi 05 reg

big-turkey said...

i have nothing but trouble with mine in the last few weeks. My filter clogged up that bad i could only do 5 miles an hour to get to the garage, £600 later everything was fine until the dpf light came on again (307 2.0 hdi 137 bhp. This time i was so mad i have taken the filter off and drilled a 2" hole right down the middle of the filter with a core drill.. :.put together again and runs like a dream..light still on though so might get it re-mamapped tostop all that.Does anyone know where the rubber pipes off the dpf go as 1 of mine is melted ??

Timetravel said...

Good evening

I can confirm the two rubber pipes go up to the differential pressure sensor the sits behind the car Battery.

This may be why you got the error if one of these where melted

What the two pipes do is take the exhaust pressure before the actual Filter unit and after the filter unit and compares the pressure.

This then indicates to the ECU if the filter is becoming blocked or is clean

by drilling through the filter you will have eliminated any back pressure from between the two rubber pipes and the sensor will be returning the error to the ECU that the filter is punctured or damaged

The only fix for this to eliminate the error is to drop a voltage splitter resistor across the differential pressure sensor and simulate a back pressure by adjusting the voltage split between the sense wires

I hope this helps explain the system for you a little more.

Best Regards


rustyrider said...

wow! AT LAST! my peougeot 307 runs great! took 2 hours and a steam cleaner ,but it works,i had been plauged with this problem for 2 years,really easy to follow,great blog! saved me £800 or thats what garage quoted, 3500miles later still going fine!

Anonymous said...

I have a pug 307hdi 04 i changed air filter oil filter and fuel filter and oil as well . Everything went according to plan once i started it up there was antipollution fault showing and also an engine light display on dash . Can anyone tell me what ive done wrong .

Sam said...

I don't suppose any of you live in the Norwich area and can help me out with this or recommend a local garage that actually knows what there doing. I've just spent £300 trying to fix this problem... Had the care regenerated only this morning after having a pipe replaced, fluid filled up and what a surprise the 'Unblock diesel filter' message came up again.

Sam said...

I don't suppose any of you live in the Norwich area and can help me out with this or recommend a local garage that actually knows what there doing. I've just spent £300 trying to fix this problem... Had the care regenerated only this morning after having a pipe replaced, fluid filled up and what a surprise the 'Unblock diesel filter' message came up again.

Greyman said...

Had a go at my 2005 Peug 307 1.6 110 HP Hdi this morning. Was able to remove just the lower part of the particulate filter housing, leaving the rest all in place. Once removed I used a 10 mm masonry bit to drill about 18 holes into the face of the filter. These only needed to be about 10 mm deep in order to expose the holes that come through from the opposite face of the filter. So now about 20% of the channels in the filter go right through from one side to the other. I then used an old vacuum cleaner to suck out debris and soot, taking great care to avoid breathing any dust. The car now has better acceleration. The effect of the turbo is more noticeable and the exhaust sounds just a little more "throaty". It still says, "Risk of particle filter blocking", but it's only had a test run. If it does not clear I may go for a re-map but have been quoted £300 plus VAT.

Timetravel said...

Thanks for sharing your experience

I decided to punch right through mine mast month as it was blocking up all the time and it was becoming a real pain

There are pics on my website of this process 45mm DIA right through No more block lol

Anonymous said...

Just want to no I have an anti polution fault on my car I took the filter of and it splits in to two sections is thete a filter in both parts that need cleaning or just the small section


Timetravel said...

Hi, It is the large filter that needs to be cleaned, The small filter is the CAT and the large filter is the actual particulate filter that gets blocked

I would recommend a Jet wash with hot soapy water



Cargirl said...

Hi all, my 2.2 hdi c8 is costing me a fortune with this problem. So far ive refilled eolys tank, replaced fap and took to citroen to clear codes and reset etc. Three months later back to square one with fap blocked. Im not convinced eolys fluid is being injected. Do you think if i cleaned fap out and manually added 31ml of eolys every time i filled up this would sort it?

Thanks Mandy

Cargirl said...

Hi all, so far this problem has cost me a fortune with my 2.2 hdi c8. Ive refilled eolys tank, replaced fap and taken to citroen for reset. Three months later back to square one with fap blocked. Im not convinced eolys is being injected hence thinking of cleaning fap and manually adding a little eolys every time i fill up. What do you all think?
thanks Mandy

Paul Kay said...

Same problem here. I have a 54 plate c8 2.2 hdi. Antipollution fault, unblock diesel filter, I took the dpf off cleaned it out but same problem. So a mechanic I know said to smash the whole filter out and use the case empty. That worked for about 5 miles then the fault came back. I have just put a new dpf on and had the codes cleared and within five minutes the same codes are back. Should I try the pressure sensor next as it could of been fried or does anyone have a better suggestion cause I am stuck?

Strevs said...

Just a quick comment to say "thank you" for the guide. On the basis that had a garage quote of £750 to change after "filter blocked" came up on display I though I'd have a hunt round the net.
The clear read through (+ pics) seemed that it would be a straightforward job.
And, to be fair, it was... :)
Just a couple of quick points
1) on mine the rear pipe clamp needed a deep 16mm socket (which I didn't have)
2) I elected to leave rear metal pipe on the filter and disconnect carrier pipe from body and front clamp.
After doing the work the "pollution filter blocked" message disappeared only to be replaced by "fluid level low"...which I will sort shortly.
Car accelerates noticebly quicker even around town.
Thank you author for your effort